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Racing Against Ivy Conrado Saebens: Ghost Videos

When you show up to a weekend race, you dont normally expect an NFR qualifier to show up, especially when its a week before the NFR. But at the Queen Creek Barrel Racing Association's Frank Reisback Memorial, Ivy Saebens came out and raced JLo like she was any other horse standing at the trailer.

Now what will surprise you is that its not JLo in the lead for most of the video, but instead, rider Jacqueline Nichols on her horse Perks Naughty Girl. This Firewater/Dash for Perks mare has been in the Arizona barrel scene for quite some time, recently winning the Arizona High School Rodeo finals in barrels.

What is important to take away from this video isnt that someone is beating Ivy and JLo, its how close they came, but JLo still takes the win because she NEVER QUITS. Just when you and your horse think the race is over, it's not. Ivy and JLo won the 2019 Average world championship because they earned it by running their hardest each time and finish what they started!

We look forward to more NFR qualifiers to get ghost videos in the near future, as it always makes us "regular people" realize... they are regular people too, living their dream! Keep running hard and NEVER QUIT.

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