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Racing Against Yourself: Ghost Videos for Self Improvement

Consistency is key and we all strive to be as consistent as possible to win those awesome average awards! How many times have you had one great one and one bad run, or two good runs and blow that last day! This is where we have to do some self evaluation and a regular video just wont cut it.

This is where self comparison Ghost Videos come into play. Seeing your runs on top of each other gives you the opportunity to see the exact differences between the runs that you have day by day.

Here is an example of a video from Brandi Hight, who ran in the youth class and the open:

Clearly, one run is faster than the other, but the valuable information here is how much time was lost around the barrel and made up for between the barrels. Brandi really hustled her horse and getting the pretty turns with the speed between the barrels is what will get her winning soon!

Another example is Jodee Owens, she has had her mare Frenchie for just a few short months and at a 3 day event, her horse ran faster each day. We evaluated her slowest run against her fastest time on Sunday.

Her runs were incredibly close but as you can see, her approach was much different from one run to the next. Friday may have been a warm up race but clearly her horse still had quite a bit of hustle on the last day. This is perfect for helping with her consistency as her times are close but getting the approach perfected will continue to help improve times still!

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