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The Importance of Photos for Sponsorship's

If you are looking, or considering looking for sponsorship's for rodeo events, we have some photography tips to help gain sponsorship's and improve your relationships with sponsors.

In the age of social media, companies are looking to become the next big trend. The best way they can do that, is to get people talking about them and showing off their products on social media. Companies want influencers to be a real

What is considered a quality photo?

Taking quality photos for your sponsor is key to getting sponsors. Now I don't mean you need to run out and buy yourself a professional camera and spends thousands on lenses. What a quality photo really is, is one that really captures who you are, and how you use their product in everyday life. Add a touch of good lighting and a natural looking color correction or filter that matches your style, and you have yourself a quality photo.

It's a good idea to step into the shoes of the company as say "what are the kinds of things I would want to share". They Sponsor you so that people will follow you and wear what you are wearing, or go to a place you show. An influencer isn't someone who has an Instagram account. Being an influencer is someone who has a following in a particular field in which they engage with the followers. Setting a good example, being your true self and talking to people is really all you need to do. Basically, get other to believe in your goals and dreams, and the first person that needs to believe those goals and dreams, is you.

Camera Tips

If you are active on Instagram at all, you can look at a photo and instantly decide if its a "good photo" or a "bad photo". Here are a few tips that help photos feel more professional.

Get Low - my favorite angle to take pictures is to lay on my belly in the dirt of the arena like it's my childhood living room. Yes its dirty and can hurt depending on the footing, but getting low makes it feel like you are looking up to your subject. Did you catch that? Influencer... we look up to them!

Get Closer - Walk towards your subject, its okay to feel awkward. Walk in until it looks way to close in the camera. From here, slowly back up until you like that you see.

Add a Custom Filter - I know most photographers would kill me for saying this, but there is a reason filters exist. The every day person doesn't necessarily know how to color correct a photo to make it look better. Adding a filter levels the playing field and adds some basic corrections to make the photo more appealing. The other think I like about custom filters, is that they show off your style. Maybe you really like the color blue, so you have a filer that saturates the blues, and makes that color stand out. Now you have consistency and style on your photos, adding a quality aspect to your following.

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