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Ghost Videos: More Than a Training Tool

Ghost Videos can be a fantastic aid to seeing how you can improve your runs, but they are great for something else too!

Confidence Building.

You cannot under estimate the power of confidence. Being confident stops the adrenaline rush that makes you forget your runs or freeze up as you go down the alley and into the arena.

Why Ghost Videos?

Ghost videos are the perfect visual aid to show that you really are closer than you think. The 1D and 2D seem like worlds apart, and the 1D from the 5D seems like a lifetime of difference. We have to remember as riders, a half second is the snap of our fingers, the time it takes for a thought to go by. When you are feeling bad about a run or down that things didn't go the way you planned, remember how close these riders were, and how many people fell between them. It's a race, and everything the 1D rider did that night fell into place perfectly for them, maybe because they have been doing it longer or they got lucky, that's life! Your time will come too if you continue to put in the work and accept that perfection comes in time and acceptance of failure. Take the time to learn from each run and attempt to improve the next one. It's all we can ask of our horses, and if we don't learn from our mistakes, there is no way we will ever improve.

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